Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Passionate Love

Passionate Love

So I found this article that defines what is passionate love and why does it need to exist in a relationship. What I found interesting about it is that it defines what is passionate love. What are the characteristics that define passion and how can they be defined. It reminded me of the time in class when we defined people's reaction to our breaking of social norms. It's a cognitive study. But what I found most interesting about the article is that "Hatfield’s and Sternberg’s models, pure passion hardly exists in the real world outside of romantic poetry, songs, and literature." But from what we studied passion must exist in a stable relationship, but if it only exists in fairy tales how are we ever to find love? I strongly believe that fairy tales and love stories are the reason why people, especially girls have a skewed view of what love is but I find that when people get that fairy tale relationship it's not what they thought or want. I mean seriously do you really want a guy that is your prince charming, completely perfect in every way or someone who makes mistakes, who is human? So I guess what I'm getting out is doesn't true passion exist in real life but it goes beyond the external behavior? 

Monday, December 3, 2012

Leave Me Alone- I'm Lonely

I stumbled upon this article while looking up types of relationships and the name of the article instantly intrigued me. Leave Me Alone- I'm Lonely is an article which analyzes how and why people distance themselves from others. In the cases presented, the parents distance themselves from their children but at the same time demand an impossible amount of attention. One second the parent will clamor for attention from their loved ones and then the next second they will push them away. The article contributed this type of behavior to wanting to be loved or cared for, but then refusing any loving or caring in fear of involving others in one's problems. Regardless, this constant back and forth action proves to be extremely taxing and frustrating for the child, and leaves the parent with a sense of empowerment and control. Clearly the parents in this article are dealing with extreme internal struggles and it's a shame that the child is roped into them, as well.

UK schools are considered “most socially segregated”

I thought it would be interesting to look into the other part of the world, instead of just here in the U.S. As it turns out, UK schools are considered “most socially segregated” according to the writer of this article. He states that children who are poor and disadvantaged are put with those in the same situation/status. It is however based on how much education their parents’ received that puts them in these groups. Of course the UK is working on fixing this and creating equal status for all students trying to get a higher education like going to a University. It’s interesting to see that these kids are being put into groups, and being separated, and it’s not even their choice or doing.

Harvard Racism test


Here's an interesting test, to she how racist all of us are or might be , even though we don't know it yet.
I really like the fact that this test conducts it survey in a covert way, that engages you in a some what subconscious  level which by default cannot be filtered by your apprehended ethicist.
However, if so the issue seems quite alarming. Why are we discriminative against others, or people from different races.
What do you guys think ?