Sunday, September 19, 2010

How Palestinian and Israeli Children Are Psychologically Scarred by Exposure to War

Palestinian and Israeli children were expose to a highly violence environment which not only cause physical damage but also psychological negative impact. Almost fifty percent of Palestinian children have seen people being sad or crying because they lost someone they love, about same percentage of children had witness the death of their love ones. "... this exposure is very deleterious. It is associated with dramatic increases in post-traumatic stress symptoms and increases in aggressive behavior directed at peers." said psychologist Rowell Huesmann,.
Kids who have experience these traumatic situation reported to have a higher levels of anxiety and much more likely to have nightmare. Further more, fifty to seventy percent of children who have seen violence reported that they have committed one of the violence act.
Violence are like disease that has a stronger effect on children, and the mental scar it cause may never go away from kids' memory.

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