Saturday, November 6, 2010

The Front Row

Our group is integrating the Fort Greene "hipster kids" with the "project kids" through a playground which encourages inter-group contact through means of having to work together to play.

We have each chosen two sources and written two (or more) pages per person on the problem presented in our articles, the theoretical solution they have proposed, and finally how it relates to solving our problem of creating this playground.

We are now reading through all of our papers together and have created an introduction and are working to create an outline and order to when we will site each of our points and sources.

We have also begun to create the actual model of our playground out of recycled materials and metal.

Along the line, after our first draft (which will be finished by Monday) we will then begin to draft an actual presentation , refine our model, and begin collecting imagery for a slide show to go along with our presentation. All of this will be done alongside also refining our paper.

The Front Row

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