Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Employment Improves Autistic Symptoms

I found this interesting article that talks about how "more independent work environments may lead to reductions in autism symptoms and improve daily living in adults with the disorder".  It comes down to giving them the chance at employment, which is not necessarily easy.  It seems that employers do not generally higher those with autism because they hold the idea that it will be difficult, or that they do not have the skills.  Yes, there might be a few outbursts from frustration, but as long as they are working in a job they have an interest in, they will work hard and it will help them.  There is a lot of judgement on people who have disabilities, however if people took the time to understand them, there wouldn't be as much judgement.  Knowing someone with autism, I know in general what they go through, and I have hope that there will be more employers who know the information within this article, which will open more doors for those with autism.

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