Friday, January 31, 2014

Study: Some people just like liking things

This article in the Chicago Tribune discusses the reasons behind why some people are inclined to “like” a lot of things.  The article opens with saying that for years “social scientists have known that our likes and dislikes are a function of many things: our education, our tastes, how optimistic we are”.  But now a new study conducted by Justin Hepler at the University says there is a new component- the overall individual. They are calling at “dispositional attitude” which “gives insights into why we might like (or dislike) a slew of different things that are unrelated.”  The implications of this can tie into potential employers trying to discern whether an applicant is a good fit for the company.  Or in advertising having information and figuring whether it would effect the pitch of the product.  Studying “likes” seems irrelevant and seems highly based on speculation.  But I found this article interesting as in today’s world nearly everyone literally broadcasts their “likes” on social media especially places like social media.  And as a Advertising/Art Direction major you learn that understanding the consumer is key.  If there is a way to understand what someone likes through a test like they conducted in the survey of this article it would be very valuable. 


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