Monday, May 12, 2014

Brooklyn Playground

In this blog post I will be writing about my own playground design. For mine i focused on the Bed-stuy area and addressing the black and white communities. For decade Bed-stuy has been mostly population by african americans, however, within the past decade gentrification has been spreading and the white population has almost equalled the black population. Living in bed-stuy myself, I see the division among the locals and newbies. I wanted to design my play specifically for the people that have called bed-stuy their home for generations, and the people that have just moved in. I wanted to focus on how discrimination and separation by race is promoted into a child's perception. I found that the majority of the time, the parent, and/or surround authority figures are the ones unwilling to mix-- the kids aren't aware of this until they learn from them. I wanted to make a community garden, that could 1. bring anyone together 2. be a place for kids to have fun but also for adult to relax and interact with eachother 3. to produce a play area that is also beneficial to the earth and beneficial to a child's education and 4. to give city kids the ability to escape to nature and find fun out of that instead of technology. Technology is something that is truly hurting our ways of communicating with eachother, especialy when those technologies are being used by 3 year olds. The Community Playground garden with have multiple flower beds, compost area, climbing structure, pond/stream and beach sandy area, and bird houses.

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