Monday, May 12, 2014

Your Canine

I s aggression an innate characteristic of our being? Does this aggression effect other aspects of our lives? Are their certain characteristics that people prone to aggression tend to be attracted to?

Pit bulls have always had a negative reputation. Along with other breeds who are prone to being aggressive, it brings up the question of whether their genes cause aggression or if it is caused from their environment. It is the nature vs nurture theory. Pit bulls have been known to be trained as fighting dogs. A cruel thing to train to dogs who are naturally loyal and peaceful animals. The article above explains how some owners may in fact share some of the qualities of said "aggressive dogs."

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  1. I personally count pitbulls as my favorite dog breed for their energy and playfulness (I also can't get over how cute they are!). They do, indeed, get a bad rap for the issues surrounding pitbulls and illegal dog-fighting rings. This toxic environment definitely makes me think that the aggression we see from pitbulls as a breed has to do with nurture more than nature. In normal and healthy environments pitbulls can be raised to be loving, exuberant dogs.