Saturday, May 3, 2014

Understanding the Psychology Behind Juror Decision Making

According to this article, members of a jury are not empty vessels for lawyers to fill with information. Instead, it is important to understand that jurors are already filled with preferences and biases independent to their lifestyles, and lawyers should try to understand what will jurors think is important to them personally. Jurors are largely uninterested in what the defendant did wrong, and are instead more focused on what will effect themselves or those they are close to. As a result, lawyers emphasise "public safety and wellbeing" as this theme relates to the entire society.
I was always curious who picks the juror, and what kind of state of mind they are in, because they must be under a lot of pressure to make so much decisions. But after reading this I was surprise that they really don't have too much interest in victims story, but they make decisions based on if this victim will be a threat to the public or not.

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