Monday, May 5, 2014

Public Speaking for Introverts

This article offers tips for introverts who find public speaking to be a psychological feat. As someone who leans more towards the introverted side of the social spectrum, this article helped me to put certain aspects of public speaking into perspective. Susan Cain, the author of the article, notes that one of the reasons for fear of public speaking is the intense internal uncertainty of how you are coming across to your audience. Cain suggests preparation in the form of videotaping your speech to bring your strengths and weaknesses into your own vision. One of the most helpful tips she offers is this: "Think about what your particular audience wants to hear. Are they craving new information? Insights? What problem do they hope to solve? Give them what they want and need." This tip is especially important for critiques, as you ONLY want to deliver information that your professor and peers want to hear. 

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