Monday, May 5, 2014

Unnatural Selection

Not knowing much about the jury system I was immediately surprised by this article. It brings up a certain juror for a case that had dyed hair and tattoos and big disagreement to keep her on the trial or not. I've understood that when picking a jury you must pay attention to their race, work, family and overall lifestyle, but this lady was simply being judged because she had dyed hair and tattoos. Whether she looked the part of a criminal or not, the jury system should not be decided on whether a juror looks like an upstanding citizen or not.
But what really surprised me about this article was the ability for representative a case to cause such bias juror. It seems like a whole other way for people to hire expensive representation and get their trail won. Having either side of a trial have part in the juror picking decision is bound for an unfair trial.

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