Sunday, February 16, 2014

Cocaine Users Enjoy Social Interactions Less

Based on a study at the University of Zurich, there is evidence that cocaine users find social interactions “less rewarding”.  It goes on to explain other problems for those who chronically use cocaine, such as a lack of empathy.  Obviously, this lack of interest in social interactions supports the fact that users are less likely to stop using when urged by family and friends.   The article points out aspects of cocaine users, which are striking: “difficulties to take the mental perspective of others, show less emotional empathy, find it more difficult to recognize emotions from voices, behave in a less prosocial manner in social interactions, and they reported fewer social contacts”.  All of these aspects are alarming.  It seems as though they are heading toward traits that can cause problems.  All of these traits would make it easier for a chronic cocaine users to break the law.  I am thinking in the context of attacking another person.  If they are less likely to show emotional empathy and recognize emotion in voices, they would be more willing to attack someone, because they do not put themselves in the other persons shoes and feel sorry for them for what they are doing.  Are cocaine users more likely to commit certain crimes because of these attributes?

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