Friday, February 21, 2014

Dear Heavenly Fanatics,

At the Mike Kelley exhibition at PS1 MoMA, there was a poster series entitled The Secret, 1999. The poster to the far left was most controversial and seemingly unique amongst the series because of its political headline. After closer reading, the article taken from the Sunday Telegraph speaks on the inhumane connection people make to celebrities because of their exposed life that create a sense of intimacy, extending itself further to desire. Without even meeting or interacting, fans become obsessed, respecting and investing in a person they see as a deity. However the lacking fulfillments of a tangible relationship causes negative affects on the relationships people have with those directly around them and themselves spiritually, emotionally and physically. A celebrities fame surpasses the screen and becomes intwined in an average persons life, setting standards and achievements to be meet. This inevitable causes a power of roles between leader (celebrity) and follower (fans). This article comments of other aspects of Celebrity Worship for further reading.


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