Sunday, February 16, 2014

How We Make Friends

Hey Everyone this is an article on how and why we make friends! I've always found it to be very interested in what our friends say about who we are and how we choose them subconsciously or consciously. The article also reminded me of a video a saw a while back. SoulPancake sets up a ball pit with the middle of a walkway. The banner says "Take a Seat & Make a Friend." It was a cute but fascinating concept of that first interaction you make with a potential friend.

There are specific stages we go through when we become closer to a friend. This ball bit had "Life's Big Questions" printed on them and two people would go into the ball pit at a time, asking each other these questions.

The "dark matter of friendship" that the article touches base on is evident here. There is a self disclosure that makes a a true friendship. These two strangers are becoming closer with every question. They are disclosing information about themselves that forms the buddy effect. It is not the most conventional way to make a new friend, but seems like a guaranteed good time :)

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