Sunday, February 16, 2014

Food Choices Are Influenced By Social Norms

Social Norms influence how people dress, act, etc however I never thought that they would have an impact on our food choices.  The article talks about the influence of social norms on our food choices, consciously or unconsciously.  Studies were conducted about the amount of food intake and eating habits, such as eating healthy.  Thinking about this information, I began to realize the influence peers can have on eating and what that could mean for the future.  From personal experience, I have been less inclined to eat unhealthy foods while around friends and family who eat extremely healthy.  Today, there are major health issues related to what type of food is eaten and the amount that is consumed of that food.  If social norms influence that, it opens up a whole different range of ideas in relation to dealing with certain eating disorders or health problems.  It might be reconsidered how rehabilitation centers are organized, etc.  Although more research needs to be done, this idea can change a lot of aspects about our society today.

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