Friday, February 21, 2014

Power of Roles in Breaking Bad

The power of roles. When we were assigned this blog post, something that came to mind was Breaking Bad, especially Walter White.

      Most of us know that in the beginning Walt was a father of two and a chemistry teacher who play the classical role of the American man. By the end of the series, though, Walter becomes the enemy, he is no longer any of these things.
      One idea this article mentions is that maybe Walter was never a family man. That Heisenberg, as we know to be his alias for drug dealing, was in fact his true self. That though he has been the nice guy for so many years he didn't truly know that his real self was the 'role' of Heisenberg.
      This role consumes him so completely that when he is forced to return to his 'Walt-self' he is so bad at it and completely transparent in his lies.
You can read about it on The Atlantic.

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