Monday, February 17, 2014

Social Norms and Romantic Selectivity

This article discusses how social norms affect both sexes and how they make their choices on who to choose for romantic partners. There was a study done that included 15 speed dating events and there were 175 women used and 176 men. The people used had a heterosexual orientation so the women and men were all alike the other participants of the same sex in orientation. The speed dates were about 4 minutes each and a single person would see about 12 people of the opposite sex in each event. It shows similarities within the more specific groups of people, meaning male and female and their sexual orientation. It also goes into detail about how the decision may change based on if the person is approached by someone, or if they approach the other person. It seemed that if the person was the approacher, they would be more likely to say 'yes' and be open than the person being approached. It's funny how there is such a rigid formula for people to follow when it comes to choosing a romantic partner due to social norms. I'd love to see a reality tv show where someone were to violate social norms on a date or when trying to pick a person up.

-kieva campbell

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