Monday, February 17, 2014

Social Psychology and Divorce

This article talks about how marriage currently has changed and divorce rates have gone up drastically. Reasons for getting married have changed, and the role the spouse plays is also very different now. The image of a successful marriage has a lot less to do with the simplistic roof over the couple or families head, steady job and sexual interactions. There are a lot higher expectations for each spouse now and it has a lot more focus on the emotional levels of support, rather than just the financial support. There is a focus on support for finding oneself, as well as the chance to follow ones dreams, and this relates a lot more to women as their roles have changed as time has progressed. Both sexes do have more of a desire and need to be involved in actives to better their life, instead of solely being concerned with bringing home the bread. The high divorce rates are due to the many spouses that cannot meet the psychological expectations of their partner. They end up getting divorced in order to search for a person or life style that promotes their well being. I can definitely see this in people that I know or once knew. I can also see it in couples that end up cheating on each other.

-Kieva Campbell

(this is a late article from last week)

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