Monday, November 19, 2012

bad and good playgrounds

This playground is in New Jersey and it's called "Seven Presidents Oceanfront Park." This is one of the best playgrounds I've seen in Jersey and it's fairly new. The equipment is awesome and there is such a fantasy feel to this place. I'm sure kids feel like they are in a whole new world when playing in here. At least that's how I would feel playing in playgrounds haha. The variety of activity seems like a great place to bring in different kids to interact and play games together.

Again this playground is in New Jersey where I am trying to focus on since my project takes place there. This playground also is one of the best and has this fantasy play land feel to it that I really appreciate. The area it is located in Monmouth County, which has a great diversity of people and it would be great to see all these people get together in a big communal space. There multiple parking spaces and it is close to the water, so great for summer time.

One of childhood playgrounds growing up was Duke Island Park in New Jersey. It is an amazing mix of ages and people from all boroughs. The park is very big so there is room for many activities such as playgrounds for kids, grills for cook outs, volleyball court, tennis court, open fields with soccer nets and a gorgeous trail to walk around the entire landscape. There are concerts that are put on the little stage they have in the middle of the park. Many local talent perform there and it is just a great time for families and friends to get together.

Back in Arizona: The jungle gym has been overtaken by weeds at Ponderosa Park in Fredonia

KaBoom's grand winner: Rusting and forgotten, it's the Ponderosa Park, next to the Kaibab Band of Paiute Indian Reservation in Fredonia, Arizona
Second Place Winner: Amid the dry dirt and rocks,, this playground is right next to the special education building at Julian Elementary School in California
this is depressing and really absurd to have these be a community playground for little kids. These playgrounds are rusting, dangerous and empty. Having color and whimsy to playgrounds adds a huge part to a kids imagination and experience to playing in a playground with other kids. I feel that kids playing in a playground can feel like a big journey in a place unknown and meeting other kids to complete tasks with you. But if the park is dangerous and bare then what will that show kids?

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