Sunday, November 18, 2012


A. This Playground looks really interesting. It’s so simple with the materials, but it looks like all the kids are having fun with each other and the “equipment”.

B This Playground is also simple but looks like a lot of fun. Not just for kids but probably teenagers too.

C The idea with this playground reminds me of a puzzle. It’s awesome and if a kid can’t find their way out, they’re going to need to ask for help from another child that’s stuck in there with them.

D. This playground is just boring. It doesn’t really have anything special. A pile of tires isn’t enough to attract kids.

E. I’m sure if that’s all the park consisted of, than no child would want to play on a mountain of tires.

F. This playground actually looks dangerous. The net in the back looks like fun, but if someone were to fall, they would hit a lot of things on there way down.

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