Monday, November 19, 2012


This playground in Germany is just the type of place I would have liked to play as a kid. I love the dreamy atmosphere, it's really like being in a different world.

This playground in Spain (the link is to a video) is extremely interactive, and fun for all ages. Everyone has to work together to make the tightrope contraption move back and forth, and the other eqiupment also requires group effort. The slide also looks really fun.

This London playground is just really aesthetically pleasing. I like the shiny odd round shapes, and I think that kids would too. This is a pretty traditional climbing playground, but its look makes it extra attractive.

Now, for the ones I don't like:
This playground in Vancouver is good for teaching kids about plants and being green, I guess (there is a compost for the kids snacks), but it doesn't look like much fun. After a couple minutes of jumping from log to log (and maybe falling), I would be out of here.

I guess this school "playground"is meant to spark the kids' imaginations, so that they can make up new games based on the lines on the ground. But can you imagine getting out at recess, just wanting to play, and having to make up a new game based on some lines? And there's not even anything to climb on.
Are you kidding me with this? This jumping girl looks like she's going to hurt herself. That kid with the red ball is just staring at his ball because he's so bored by the equipment.

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