Saturday, November 17, 2012


Good Playground Design

1.The playgroud become a symbol of the  big brother, or the caring adults....

2. Water is alwasy a nice element to add into the playground design, and like how paretns and kids play together in the photo above.

3. I like the use of color and material in this design. They are cheerful and atrrctive.Due to the scale of the structure, even adult look small inside the space. The scale difference between parents and kids will be ignored in a enormous space.

Bad Playgroud Design

1. Actually I think this is a interesting playground design, but I am just not sure about how kid can play collectively inside the fence.

2. Setting is really important for a playground...But they look like they don't notice the crime scene next to them...

3.Environmental designer Kevin Lynch interview urban children from cities around the world, and record their various "playground" in report "Growing Up in Cities". In some cities, streets, stair-front, and the abandoned corners are secret play spaces for kids. I just think it is really dangerous for them to stay outside, and a nice designed public play space is necessary.

Other playgound design

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