Sunday, November 18, 2012

Good and Bad Playgrounds

Good Playgrounds:


This playground is interesting because not only does it mimic a whale in shape, but utilizes both the interior and exterior of the structure. Also, it is relatively simple and does not take up that much space, yet seems to have a wide variety of obstacles.

2. This playground in Paris utilizes the slope of the park as an element for play. This playground is essentially a climbing course, but there are different levels of difficulty so it is suitable for a wide spectrum of ages.

This playground is cool because of its surreal looks and interesting course. Children climb from house to house through rope tunnels, and get down through slides and ladders. It looks right out of Dr. Suess, and has a great design.

Bad Playgrounds:

1. Doesn't this look like a fun horse to ride? Basically a concrete pipe with a head and an oddly shaped tail. I couldn't imagine a single way for a child to have fun on this thing.

2. This playground is great for climbing stairs to nothing, or maybe swinging on that wooden beam. Looks like an excellent play to get tetanus and some splinters.


These structures look not only boring but dangerous. I guess monkey bars are an acceptable element to include in a playground design, but only monkey bars? These dont even count as monkey bars, they're just warped ladders. The blue one looks like it's trying to make a child fall on its head.

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