Monday, November 26, 2012

Various Playground Designs

The Good

Each of these three playgrounds offer a unique and fun experience for children. The first has a sea atmosphere to it, which helps invoke children's imaginations. I personally always felt that the playground should be creative as a children's mind. Which leads us to the second choice! It has the typical little forts that a playground has, but with a twist; literally. (I apologize for that.) The distorted feel of the playground is a feature that helps children's imagination on making different games to play. And lastly, the final playground. This playground is based on nature, and has a ecological, green feeling to it. This is definitely one of the most interesting playgrounds I've seen so far.

The Bad

Now, these playgrounds are the absolute worst things I've ever seen. The first one looks like an absolute unsanitary mess, and completely unsafe. The second is actually a take on making a "green" playground again, but unlike the above one I talked about previously, this one does away with the creativity and just places bushes and rocks everywhere. And lastly, the final one looks just as unkept as the first. It also has a very boot camp feeling to it, and it looks like it's not exactly the most fun place to take your child.

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