Sunday, November 25, 2012

Mix it up at Lunch Day

Mixit up at Lunch Day is a non-profit program launched by Teaching Tolerance a decade ago. This program, founded by southern poverty Law Center, aims to reduce a variety of prejudices in School setting all across the country.  

From their national survey, they found that outside classrooms, inside the school fences, cafeteria have been identified as the place where divisions are most clearly drawn. This program encourages students to take a new seat in the cafeteria at October 30. This one day, students can cross the lines of division, interact with new people outside their normal social circles. 

Mix it up give direction to schools about how to arrange the sitting and what kind of discussion topic will ensure a comfortable conversation during the lunch. By doing so, it increased awareness about social boundaries and divisions within school, so students are able to identify, question and cross social boundaries. When students interact with those who are different from their previous perceptions, prejudice, biases and misperceptions can decrease.

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