Friday, November 16, 2012

Best & Worst Playgrounds

Best Playgrounds:

Playground for All Children (Flushing Meadows)
This playground is particularly successful in its emphasis on being a location that is accessible to children who are handicapped. Many times, handicapped children are unable to spend time on playgrounds because of the hazardous conditions or inaccessibility to use any of the equipment. Here, children, both handicapped and not, are able to play together.

Shane's Inspiration (Los Angeles)
This playground caters towards many walks of life. For those that transport by bicycle, the park is specially designed to protect pedestrians from bike accidents and collisions. Mothers carrying babies have swings that are specially designed for their needs. On top of this, playground equipment is designed to be educational and understanding to children with handicaps.

Clemyjontri Park (Virginia)
This playground is vibrant, attractive, huge, and uniting. Again designed to have handicap children play alongside those that are not, the playground makes up for its immense size by offering separate spaces for visitors to rent and reserve. A carousel is placed directly in the center of all the separate spaces, bringing together those that have come here separately.

Worst Playgrounds:

I was unable to find anything legitimate on reportedly bad playgrounds, so instead I am reporting with dangerous playground equipment.

Trampolines are considered one of the most dangerous types of playground equipment. Trampolines can cause serious head and neck injuries and are very difficult to supervise.
In terms of surfaces in a playground, asphalt is your least ideal option. Scrapes, falls, and trips are only exacerbated when they occur on a blacktop.
Also, dirty sandboxes are cesspools for litter, germs, and poor sanitation. Sandboxes should always be covered when not in use.

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