Monday, November 12, 2012



1. Nishi Rokugo Playground- Tokyo - This playground looks like so much fun. The playground itself is made up of tires, over 3,000 of them, shaped to take the form of robots, dragons, bridges, swings and slides. Kids can climb these tire shapes and if they fall, they land on more rubber so it's relatively safe. The only issue is that the children might smell like rubber tires when they leave?

2. Gulliver Park- Spain - I think this playground is so creative. Designed to look like the body of Gulliver (from Gulliver's Travel) this playground is scaled so that the children are the size of the Lilliputians from the story.

3. The Fruit and Scent Playground - Sweden - Both adorable and educational, this playground encourages children to eat healthier by showing that fruit can be fun. I wonder if it actually smells like fruit?


1. Elephant Slide- I found this in a Huffington Post article that showed some of the "worst playground fails of all time." I definitely think that applies to this one.

2. Lonely Sandbox- It's pretty obvious why this playground is one of the worst. A dirty, broken down, fenced in sandbox; oh so welcoming.

3. Cheese Grater Slide- There is no way that this slide is real but if it was it would definitely fall in the category of being one of the worst playgrounds ever.

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