Tuesday, April 29, 2014



This article was intriguing because it classifies and defines aggression in a clear understandable manner. The article defines aggression as behavior that is meant to hurt other physically mentally or verbally. Aggression is further broken up into two groups, hostile aggression and instrumental aggression. Hostile aggression is the more commonly noticed and is associated with explosive anger displayed in an uncontrolled unplanned manner. The goal of the hostile aggressive person is to hurt the person they are being aggressive toward. The second form of aggression is instrumental aggression which I find more disturbing. Instrumental aggression is defined as a means to an end. The goal of the instrumental aggressive is to use their aggression to obtain something such as money or status. This less noticeable form of aggression is associated with competitive controlled goal oriented people. Men are much more likely to exhibit signs of hostile aggression while the opposite is true for women with instrumental aggression. I find this interesting and I believe it is why many of my female friends are far more competitive then my male friends. I believe this is due to hormones that we as humans must have developed in the hunter gatherer times and have maintained since for survival purposes.

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