Monday, April 14, 2014

Theory of love examples

In this article/video, it discusses the eight types of love based on Sternberg's triangular theory of love. I found it interesting because of the different combinations of the 3 components that when no resulting in consummate love, result in friendship, or lack of any sort of love or commitment: non-love.
In the video part, it makes it easier for visual learners to understand the components. with an actual triangle and words, we see whats missing in each stage of "love".
I find this triangle to be helpful. It really makes the analysis of a relationship very clean cut. I believe all three components: intimacy, passion and commitment, are much needed for a compatibly romantic relationship. This article gives examples of a relationship that would lack one of the components, an arranged marriage. The sort of arrangement would be lacking intimacy and passion, though it can be obtained later in the relationship, the coupling would only be held together really by the commitment they made to each other by the pressuring of their family.

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