Saturday, April 26, 2014

Color has an incredible effect on your mood

Color has an incredible effect on your mood, color determines your likes and dislikes and its programmed into you. I think this article was very interesting, and it was very interesting to read. It gave out a lot of example showing how people use color to show their emotion. Like I said color plays with your mood and its programmed into you, human developed it over millions of years and its been a big part of our perception. When we see red we immediately associate it with anger or danger. This article doesn't talk about any physical evidence but it tells you what is happening in real life. For example it talk about how a lot of the corporate spends millions of dollars testing colors out because they know that depending on the color they can control and get more consumers. One other example this article pointed out was the color president Obama wears. When president needs the countries support or wants to show strength, you'll see blue tones and how he dresses because blue is a color of stability and loyalty. Red tie with white shirt and black suite means he is serious and is a fighter. Color really is a big part of our life.
This article doesn't directly talk about aggression but I thought it was some what related because its still talking about how it affect our mood. I never really thought too much about color in our life, I knew that they were some what of an effect in our life but never thought it could get this serious. I think this article was very interesting and it really did blow my mind on knowing how president and corporate plays with color this much to get what they want.

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