Saturday, April 26, 2014

How to give out presentation

I personally hate doing presentation because I hate going up on stage and having people staring at me. To me there really isn't much psychology aspect to giving a presentation. For this blog post I have surfer around for many website and most of them seems to talk about preparing yourself. And I think thats very much correct, as long as you prepare your stuff well you can give out a great speech. I think everyone is able to go up on stage and give a talk, but its wether or not that person have all the information together or not. In this article it gives out 13 steps to giving a great presentation and for the first half its all about getting ready and writing out your script and practising what your going to say. I think in all 13 steps two points grabbed my attention the most, first one  is knowing your audience. Sometimes people give speech on what people don't want to hear about, or something that isn't interesting enough. I think understanding your audience and knowing what kind of material will get them to be interested is very important. Second point is to have interaction with the audience, people are there to hear you talk, but at the same time they want to experience it too. Interact with your audience so its not just talking, make it interesting so people want to keep listening to you.
So, I think preparing yourself, knowing your stuff well, and also remember to always think about the audience, don't keep talking about what you want to talk about.

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