Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Public Speaking Anxiety


I found this article really interesting because it breaks down all the steps and thinking patterns of someone who is experiencing public speaking anxiety. The article breaks the thought processes of the anxious person down into four separate detrimental ways of thinking. The first is black and white thinking. This is when the presenter thinks that either their presentation is going to be all good or all bad. The second thinking process is over generalization. Over generalization is the act of believing that one mistake is going to develop into a pattern. This is seen by the presenter believing that one bad presentation is a sign that all presentations they do will be bad. The third detrimental thought process the anxious person may exhibit is jumping to conclusions. This is seen when the presenter believes they will get negative feedback for a presentation if they make a mistake even when there is no evidence to suggest that. The final negative way of thinking is fortune telling. This is when the presenter believes they will do poorly no matter how much preparation they have. I believe the last thought process is the worst to have because it can ruin a presentation before it even starts. If the presenter believes from the beginning that they will fail all preparation for their presentation will be fruitless.

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