Sunday, April 20, 2014

Detroit woman who stopped attack reflects the changing norms of heroism

The first step in “The Five Steps to Helping in an Emergency” after the Emergency is Step 1- Notice that something is happening.  This step is in some ways the most critical as the individual must first notice something is wrong.  For example in some cases the situation might be more noticeable than others.  In the article called “Detroit woman who stopped attack reflects the changing norms of heroism” in the Washington post the lady discusses stepping into a mob to stop the beating of a driver who accidently stuck a 10 year old.  This emergency is interesting because there was in some ways a mob mentality was happening but Deborah Hughes in some ways acted as a hero to stop their actions.  Hughes stopped the group of half a dozen men and teenagers but running into the crowd and saying “please don’t hit him anymore.”  In this case Deborah effectively followed through the path to providing help in a textbook manner.  The emergency was the beating of the driver and step 1 she noticed it was happening, 2 interpreted it as an emergency, 3 took responsibility by trying to stop the crowd, 4 decided how to help by saying please stop and then 5 she provided help by massaging the drivers neck to help his circulation.


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