Saturday, April 19, 2014

Gang rape raises questions about bystanders

This article is talking about how a 15 year old girl in California got raped and while she was getting raped there were people around her which just watched, talked, took photos and didn't do anything. Police officer Gagan said that the witnesses failed to report the crime to law enforcement. Police arrested five suspects and more arrests were expected at the end of the night.

The psychology expert said that there could be a lot of reasons why people didn't do anything but in a psychology point of view its known as bystander effect. Bystander effect basically says that if you have larger amount of people involved in a situation, less will get done. They think that others will get it done. In this case they thought that other people had already reported the rape, so they were all just watching.
I question and I wonder what these people were thinking about, how could you possibly just let this slide and watch this happen. From where Im from people offer help immediately, and if I were the one to see anything like this happen I would stop the crime scene some how. I feel disgusted reading how people just walk away and not do anything.

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