Sunday, April 20, 2014

Deaf Woman Robbed At Detroit Gas Station

To summarize this article, a death women was at a gas station when a man approached her and started a conversation. Clearly she did understand what he was saying and alerted him that she was deaf and walked away. After the man returned he pushed the women and stole her phone. She went into the gas station and wrote on a paper to call 911 while she was crying. So the clerk had to have completed step one of helping behavior which is noticing. But he did not call the police and just "went about his business". This is where the situation when "wrong" at step two. The man clearly did not perceive any danger and emergency so his helping the situation ended at that point. The next interesting part of the story is that the women ended up going home without contacting the police because she thought the situation would be perceived as frivolous.  I would venture to say that the clerks reaction had an effect on the woman causing her not to contact the police even after she initially wanted to.

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