Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Sternbergs Love Triangle plus other topics
This article looks at not only Sternberg's Love Triangle but serves a good summary of many topics from our last class. Starting with Sternberg's triangle the article lays out all of the principles associated with the different types of love. The corners of the triangles are intimacy, commitment and passion and different combinations of each lead to differently types of love. While I can see the validity of the triangle, I have to include that I see it as over simplifying something that is very complex and different in cultures and people individually. The next topic is the color wheel theory by John Lee, but unlike the name may suggest the theory does not base it self off colors but off differently types of love, similar to that of Sternberg's Triangle. For example,"Eros, is characterized by idealization of one's partner and strong romantic feelings." The theory creates different types of love with specific titles, often related to Greek mythological naming. The next theory is the Mere Exposure Theory, which is basically the people who we are closest to, physically, are the people we form the closet bonds too. While it takes account randomness, its a very logical and basic theory which I find applicable to the every day. The forth theory described in this article, is one of the theories we saw in the movie in class, the Clone Attraction. This is where we find people who resemble us as being suitable mates. Stating from an evolutionary sense that if people mate with people who look like them, then there children would be more easily recognizable to the parent. Lastly, the commitment equation finds that there is a simple equation in love. Basically as a person you base commitment off investment, rewards, costs and attractive alternatives. 

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