Monday, April 21, 2014

No one did anything

This post doesn't have a particular reference from the internet, but it concerns the Holocaust and how the resident's of Germany did nothing to stop it. You see, Germany was in a euphoria during the second world war, their leader, Adolf Hitler, was effective in propaganda to make it seem like they were winning the whole time, even in the last hours of the war. German people were led to believe that they were the best and the events concerning the Jews weren't publicized within Germany. The German people, even if they did live across the field from a concentration camp, did not question authority.
In this case in history, the German people did not help the Jews because they were completely ignorant of what was actually going on and even if they did find out, so many people were brainwashed by constant propaganda that no one questioned the authority, not even the workers in the camps. No one did anything because no one else dared to do anything.

-Emily Szentkuti

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