Monday, April 14, 2014

Love Triangle

This article is about a professor’s own relationship with the love triangle. He starts off by describing the three main parts of the triangle, passion, commitment and intimacy, and goes into detail about what each means to him. He talks about different times in his life where the three parts were present in relationships on their own and then when other parts would come in to the relationship and he would have two of those aspects. These stories show how his perception and understanding of love changed over time we he had more and more experience. He then talks about the different combinations of the three components and gives examples of those kinds of love from book and movie references. The he talks about the the absence of all three and what love is like when all three are present, which is the perfect kind of love that all people should strive for. Lastly he gives stories of his past loves and how it relates to Sternberg's love triangle. He talks about how one can look for characteristics in successful relationships in order to see what's missing in their own and then get out of it or change what's missing.

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