Sunday, April 27, 2014

effects of childerned under the age of 3 witnessing aggression

Similarly to the Bobo doll experiment we saw in class, this article looks at the effects of aggression on children. But this study went beyond just looking at young children, it looked at children under the age of three, whom are often seen as unaware. The study found that the children under the age of three who are around violence or witness violence are more likely to be violent when they turn of school age. Another interesting part of this study was that it found that the witnessed violence did not effect the children's behavior between ages 3 to 5. Which lead them to speculate that there may be a window of opportunity during that time, in which future violent actions can be reduced or redirected. This article was an overview of a study, so it did not get into specifics. That being said, it made me feel that it was a very vague study, even while it provided the number of the sample sizes.

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