Wednesday, April 23, 2014

How to give more persuasive presentations: A Q&A with Nancy Duarte

It is always exciting to be inspired from the world's pioneers. TED talk always presents the most fascinating ideas from many fields with very clear presentation. Probably, many people think that they want to present like TED style which is effective and persuasive. Here, my article suggests how to give a persuasive presentation from an interview with presentation expert, Nancy Duarte. First, she points that the three keys to give a great presentation - Making a audience centric, understanding self role in the presentation, and wrapping a presentation with a story. At the stage she does relaxation action which is taking a deep breathe. It relaxes speaker's nervousness which leads to smooth talking. While in the presentation, she organizes her ideas within an order to make it more effective speaking for audience. Presentation skill is always important to communicate one's idea to another. I think this article gives a lot of tips on presentation skill.

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