Monday, April 21, 2014

Weather and Aggression

This article talks about how weather directly effects how irritable people can be relating to violence. Any extreme weather conditions can make people act more violent towards each other. There has been many instances where sudden change in weather has resulted in extreme chaos and conflict within civilizations over the years within all parts of the world. It was said that higher temperatures create more crime. This makes sense because we associate  heat with anger. When imagining someone who is upset they turn red, and have a high temperature. If the weather is already escalated, then the body temperature is as well, and therefore the person's senses are already showing symptoms that are shared by the feeling of being angry. Social class and financial stability has shown to have no influence on how the person may react to the heat, as all classes had similar results when studied. It was also said that extreme rainfall has a similar outcome in people's behavior. The heat was the main concern in this, and by this being the main concern the article brought up global warming, and how as time goes on the planet will become hotter and angrier.

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