Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Helping Behavior and Subway Musicians

This is a relevant article to us because I believe everyone in NYC at one time or another had encountered a subway musician or performer. I know that in Penn Station you can always find at least three. This article explains to us why in these situations we just often way past the people, when in other sitatuions we would help them. Most of the subway performers are often playing for money, meaning they need money to being with. We justify our actions in the moment because we in our mind prorize ourself and our being in a rush in order to not feel guilty or bad about not helping someone in need. This article specifically talks about an interesting case were a world famous violinist, Joshua Bell, whom regualary has a huge fee to see him perform, dressed in street clothing and playing in a Washing D.C subway. No one payed attention to him and on the end of the day he barely made any money. I just thought it was an interest insight to something that we as Pratt students have probably done at some point in new york or else where.

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