Tuesday, April 22, 2014

How to Present Like Steve Jobs


In this article, there are specifically 5 tips given on how to present like the famous Steve Jobs. These five points are : Know the one critical point in your presentation -- then make it clear. Any information or data that isn’t driving a specific message can be a distraction that weakens the impact of your presentation. Use only visuals that support your one point. Acknowledge why people are listening to you. Your audience is in the room for a particular reason. It’s critical to understand why they’re listening to you so you can tune your presentation in a manner that makes them more receptive listeners. Make an immediate, personal connection. This connection builds empathy, which in turn encourages your audience to be more receptive to what you have to say. Keep the audience focused on you the speaker, not your presentation. The audience isn’t there to look at your slides. They’re there to see and listen to the presenter. Keep their focus on you. Know your story. You should know your content so completely that you are comfortable giving your presentation with no visuals at all.

I found this article not only interesting but it inspired me to keep these points in mind for all presentations in my classes as well as upcoming internships, and when dealing with clients in the professional world.

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