Monday, April 21, 2014

Anyone can be a good speaker

Even though this article talks about how anyone can be a good speaker, I disagree. I HATE talking in front of people, and I don't think that will ever change. Although there are methods to make a speech better, or at least to appear more confident while talking, I don't think everyone is up for it, meaning me, I will never be comfortable with it. In the article, there are certain components that will help a person, that not all people have. It first talks about being attractive, and how naturally more attractive people will give better speeches. In a way I do understand this, because even if the audience doesn't like or care about what is being said, they can still just look at the person and be satisfied with that aspect. That being said, when giving a speech, it is probably a good idea to make your personal appearance presentable. The second suggestion is the way you talk about your subject. It is better not to generalize, because not everyone will agree on one thing, so it is better to talk about a specific person or situation and show how that did or did not work, depending on your topic. That way, people  cannot really disagree with you, because it is a specific example, and you are not speaking for everyone. Third, the speaker always has to consider his or her audience, and prepare the speech based on that. Age, race, gender, etc will determine what kind of specific ways of talking or wording will be used. Even though these three simple things may help prepare a person, it definitely doesn't make me want to get up and talk in front of people any more than I did.

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