Thursday, April 3, 2014

Sternberg;s Love Triangle

By explaining Sternberg’s Triangle of Love, Dr. Kantra points out the fact that most relationships would not be an equal triangle.  It makes sense that this would be the case if certain points of the triangle are more dominant than others.  However, he then goes on to explain the eight different types of types of love that can be produced from this simple triangle: friendship, infatuation, empty love, romantic love, companionate love, fantasy love, non-love, and consummate love.  I had not realized that all of these different loves could be comprised by this triangle.  I think the most interesting ones are the ones where the couple starts in love, but “fall out of love”, which is the case in empty love and companionate love.  Although these eight loves pretty much characterize the different types of love, I do not necessarily believe that this triangle has all the answers about the type of love you have with another person.  There are always outlying factors that can affect a relationship.

I also found a link that leads to a quiz someone can take that tells them how much of each side of the triangle one has.  This goes to say, which I just countered above, that this triangle is the “master” of relationships.

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