Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Separated, but not Forgotten!

In this article, there are some thoroughly interesting examples of unique relationships between identical twins. They have some unlikely examples of things similar things happening, like two twins breaking the same arm on the same day, etc. However, what I found the most fascinating, from a psychological standpoint, is the story of two identical-twin sisters who were separated at birth as part of a controversial psychological study. The two sisters met for the first time at age 35, only to discover that they had led nearly identical lives! They were both editors of their high school newspaper, studied film at university, and became writers, as well as very similar personality traits and interests (they claim in an interview). This essentially disproves the theory that environment plays a dominant role for establishing characteristics. But then again, the two siblings were raised in the same country, with seemingly similar financial situations. They also seem to be a one-in-a-million kind of case, otherwise they would not have been featured in this article about strange occurences in twins. What I do find really interesting is the level at which they have a similar connection in their interests. With no communication between the two, what is it that made them go down similar routes in their lives? I would love to read some of their writing and get a small glimpse into their inner-psyche, and then of course compare the two.

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