Sunday, April 27, 2014

Reducing Public Speaking Nervousness

Psychology today compiles five tips for reducing nervousness, after studies found that public speaking is the number one fear that people have, even ranking above death. Psychology today cites that people feel a certain emotional death when it comes to public speaking. The first tip is do not expect perfection from ones self. The over played statement of "we all make mistakes" very much applies to public speaking. The article promotes you to "keep going gracefully" even if you make a mistake. No one will notice small mistakes if you do not mention them or make a big deal of them. The second tip is avoid equating public speaking to your self worth. Public speaking is a skill, in which some intelligent well versed people have issue with, and should not be looked at as being how good or smart of a person you are. Like any skill public speaking can be learned. The third tip is avoid being nervous about your nervousness. Psychology today states that all nervousness is our adrenaline flowing. So try to turn that nervous energy into enthusiasm and charisma. The fourth tip is avoid trying to memorize every word. This will lead to stress and increase of that nervous energy. Lastly, avoid reading word for word. That will make for a dry presentation, try and "create an impact with you content".

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