Wednesday, April 23, 2014

To Study Aggression, a Fight Club for Flies

This article suggests very interesting experiment to study about aggression of male gender. Dr. Anderson uses fruit flies to observe why male would behave more aggressive than female. After, few observation, his research discovers the idea that the specific neuron that is only in male's brain affects fruit flies's action. After this simple experiment, Dr. Anderson begins more research on his hypothesis, neuropeptides, which is a sort of hormone that controls any fundamental behavior of creature. According to his opinion,  it is possible to identify the system and structure of what causes the aggression of human being and utilize for good reason.
Even though this approach to study one's aggression is very neuroscience and biological effort, it is important that this could also influence the research in psychology. If researchers can provide such data to analyze fly's behaviors to the psychologist's study, they can use them as a reference to prove their psychological hypotheses. 

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