Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Forbes - How to Prepare for Presentations

How to Prepare for Presentations

This Forbes article explains in depth how to prepare for a large presentation. For starters, reading from a script is not okay. The author goes on to explain how even when you rehearse, you should practice as if you are presenting the real thing. The author then goes on to provide tips on practicing presentations in a "real-world way." The first tip is to practice at a location similar to the final presentation area. The second tip is to keep an eye on posture and movement. In a presentation, this can really help create life behind the presentation. The next tip is to pace the talk. Slowing down the speech and incorporating speech tactics, such as dramatic pauses, will help relieve anxiety for yourself and create a friendlier atmosphere for the audience. The last tip that the author provides is to simplify everything. By shortening long sentences and getting to the point, more emphasis will be put on facts that are most important. This will also provide clarity and professionalism.

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