Sunday, April 6, 2014

Sternberg's Love Triangle ratings test

In this test, you can answer a series of questions (45),  and have an artificially produced score of your Passion, Intimacy, and Commitment for the person of your choosing.  If your answers are honest, the concept is that the answers/results will be too.
The test uses a series of questions that you rate the "truth" to between 1-9. Each phrase asks you about your feelings/relationship with another specific person. They are designed so that the first 15 questions reflect Intimacy, the second 15 Passion, and the last 15 reflect Commitment.
I tried the test to see if it worked, or at least was close. So I answered as honestly as possible and the results, I felt, were fairly accurate.

This kind of game, if verified and proven to be accurate, can provide a good glimpse into our personal relationships. It might help some people to realize where they are lacking in their relationship, and allow them to fix it if they decide to.

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