Saturday, March 22, 2014

Preventing Prejudice


Young the Giant concert in Kansas City was protested by The Westboro Baptist Church. In response the band decided to donate all the proceeds of their merchandise sales to The Ally Coalition who supports the LGBTQ community. The WBC is infamous for their picket signs with very hurtful, violent and very discriminatory words. Here is a video of the WBC being mocked for a bit of humor.


This is an article by Ed Yong called Prejudice VS Biology. It about the presumptions of testosterone affects on people and whether the stereotypical effect like: selfishness, aggression, antisocial behavior, and violence is actually due to the amount of testosterone. In this study conducted by Christopher Eisenegger, he tested on 60 women. Half were given testosterone drops and the other half placebo. "Overall, Eisenegger found that women under the influence of testosterone actually offered more money to their partners than those who received the placebo..."


This is another example of fighting against prejudice in terms of same sex marriage. It is a video of a group of kids and young teens sharing their feelings about same sex marriage. They ask them a series of questions that shed a positive light on how today's youth feels about this topic.


This is an article that is written by Melissa Riggio. She sets out to give a personal account of what it is and feels like to have down syndrome. The very act of writing this article was a big move for her as she explains. It is an interesting topic, because people with all different kinds of disabilities share these feelings and struggle in our society. It is important to be knowledgeable and not be prejudice against people disabilities.

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